Roof Restorations


Roofing restoration process

Coating is a part of the roof repair and restoration.
When a roof has problems, a series of in-depth testing and equations are completed to determine if the roof is able to be restored. Roof Coatings may be the primary material utilized to restore the roof System. The coating process is used on low sloped roofs and adjoining walls and flashings. While the primary use of restoration systems is on commercial roofs, residential low sloped (or commonly known as flat) roofs also utilize the technology.

Coatings? What is it?
Coatings are not to be confused with paint and painting. There are various types of coatings for different types of applications. Coatings are utilized on many roof types and surrounding surfaces such as metal, single ply, modified membranes, and masonry walls. The coatings consist of urethanes, silicones, acrylics as well as primers and associated materials used during applications.

What are the Benefits?

Before & After Photos

Roof restoration before and after
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roof restoration before and after
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